[Windows Phone]Live SDK Development links

1. Live Connect Developer Center


2.SignIn Scopes and permissions(wl.xxx)


3.Sigining Users in(c#)


4.Get Live Client Id


5.Folder friendly names

Use friendly names to access certain SkyDrive folders

To access certain SkyDrive folders, you can use friendly names instead of folder IDs. Use the following friendly names to access these corresponding folders in the SkyDrive UI:

    USER_ID/skydrive/camera_roll represents the SkyDrive camera roll folder.
    USER_ID/skydrive/my_documents represents the Documents folder.
    USER_ID/skydrive/my_photos represents the Pictures folder.
    USER_ID/skydrive/public_documents represents the Public folder.

In each case, replace USER_ID with either me for the signed-in user or a user ID for any other consenting user.

6.to be continue

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