[WF4]WF and BPEL

A customer asked about the BPEL support in WF4. Currently, we don't have the BPEL in WF3/4.
The question is, will we have the BPEL support in the near future? I think the answer is NO.

More and more people are going to use WF4, WF4 workflow can be represented as XAML. Since we have
XAML, I don't think Microsoft will bother its developers to support the BPEL.

You may want to rebut, BPEL is wildly used in the non-Microsoft world. Yes, you can find BPEL.
in the Oracle world. But, WF4 is a .net platform technology. Not a cross-platform tech. another thing is,
Nowadays, you may find more people are using WF3/4 than the unpopular BPEL.

If you really want to use the BPEL in the MS world, you may have to resort to BizTalk.


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