[WCF]What is new in WCF4 – configuration

Simplified Configuration, so many things are altered in WCF4, the most and debatable change is the new configuration.
a. With WCF4, by default, we are no longer need to add attribute to contracts.
Unless we want to setup RESTful services then we have to add a [WebGet] or [WebInvoker] attribute.
b. *.svc file is no longer needed. We can use the so called "Configuration-based activation" to set the service in
configuration file: (it is useless)

        <add relativeAddress="MyServiceAddress" 
c. Extension less feature. By using System.Web.Routing , we can create a service with a no extension uri.
d. Multiple IIS site binding support: means you can set more than one URIs point to one service. (not very useful).
e. Routing Service, this feature allow messages to be forwarded to a client base on its content.
f. Standard Endpoint. No need to specify mex point anymore.
g. Help page

        <behavior name="MyRestEBBehavior">
          <webHttp helpEnabled="True"/>
It is helpEnable but not enableHelp document is wrong
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