[Log]Three man at table

There were three of us – Ryan, Alie, and myself. We were sitting in the restaurant, waiting our courses, boring, and talking about how bad we are – from both the work and daily trivial life point of view, you know – hard and painful life.

We all feeling seedy except Alie, He bought a new Notebook computer recently, pretty happy about his little toy, with it he watched movies again and again , day and night. He said that the computer is used for studying, He always find some great reason for bad things. That is why we like him and hate him too.

And Ryan, he got some troubles these a few days, asked by himself, totally. Sitting there, Don’t tell any thing from his face, grimace and black looks. You need not to ask anything that what makes his life a mess, just wait, he will tell you everything tortured and torturing, EVERYTHING.
What you need to do is just listening, carefully: Sending email to the wrong developer, awful bugs crawl in his programs; and how Isal(a pretty girl ) ignore him, And how bad Microsoft’s software is. And how Martin, his manager, harried him... bad, very bad.

With Me, feeling helplessness time and time, It was my mind that was out of order, I knew it was something wrong with my mind. Because I had just been reading an article about mental disease. In which were detailed the various symptoms by which a man could tell when his mind was out of order. I had them all. Such as Impaired Concentration, Social Phobia, Sporadic Depression...after reading, I sat for awhile, frozen and horror, and then, in the listlessness of despair, I again googleing my disease. I found every symptom I have experienced. That means I get this disease. Take the Sporadic Depression as an example: in a certain time span of a day in a certain week. I will feel tired, boring, gloomy, depression, and don’t want to do anything, sensitive and lonely. Don’t tell me it is lazy, no, you are wrong, it is definitely Sporadic Depression. It is tortured and helpless.

We talking and eating and talking and complaining, we share, receive and give and accept. It is not the patent of girls’, but also men’s.

Log wrote 3 years ago.

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