[I_Say]Thinking, instead of following

 Let me ask you a question " If someone jumped off a bridge, would you follow him?"You may not, if somebody will , he may say, "it is my biggest step of my career".

Now, another question: "if everybody jumped off a bridge, would you? "Actually, some people will really do this. Let's recall some history.In 1938 , 30,000 Chinese civilian are killed by Japanese.

Between 1939 and 1945. about 6 million(5,753,100) Jews are killed by Nazi Germen. Included children and women.

But why, look, those killers are all young people, they may have wife and children at home, they could be just like us, working hard and have a big future, how can they kill people without a blink?In a famous novel <The Reader> . This woman 's name is "Hanna", She is a nazi, In final war trial, the Judge asked her the same question.

Her answer is "Everybody is doing this. And that is my duty".Let's see another example, Stock market.

In 2007, every people is buying stocks, young and old, man and women, white collars and college students. They are all buying stocks, madly.

Why people would do these, does it a nature of living beings. In 1916 a French man called Henri Fabre, he found a bug called caterpillar. When they are outing to find food. they will moving slowly in a line one by one .

Next, he let the head caterpillar following the tail. Interesting thing happens, those caterpillars moving slowing round by round, after 84 hours , most of the those caterpillars died because of hungry.The same thing happens in our human beings. When other people bought a car, we may also want to buy one, when others quit , and find another job. We may also have a pulse to do the same thing.

But, we are different. The most different thing between human and caterpillar is, we can think. We have the power to chose our own way, our own life.So next time ,when everyone is jumping off a bridge, please stop and ask a question, Why do I want to jump off, am I following the crowd or my heart heard.

Thinking and
nobody can really lead you,

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