[SharePoint 2010]SP2010 First Error – File Not Found

Ok, it is my first time to create a SP2010 site.
Top site collection URL: http://localhost:18600/ (http://andrewnb:18600/)
New Site I created: http://localhost:18600/TeamSite2/ (http://andrwnb:18600/TeamSite2/)

I navigate to TeamSite2. And click Site Actions-> Site Settings

And, oh SXXT :

File Not Found.

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Correlation ID: 798fc398-185a-47ac-aff2-8c6a6d0f9f5a

Date and Time: 9/5/2010 9:03:12 PM

------- text for google.

After some research, I fix it.
replace "localhost" with my computer name: "andrewnb" and everything goes fine.

A helpful thread:

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