Andrew Zhu(朱书栋) 15800622983

Apartment 502, Building No. 71, No. 811 Dong Chuan Road, Min Hang District, Shanghai, 200240

Birth Day: 1985/7/7


Technology Profile

Primary Microsoft technologies I am using:

C# and ASP.NET(Two tools I wrote: XML Formatter and XPath Runner )

WPF (A WF4 designer with visual tracking)

Silverlight. WCF (A online communication tool, include voice chatting and white board)

Windows Workflow Foundation - WF3.0 & WF4.0.

Synopsis of Achievements

1.Increase WF4/BizTalk forum answer rate by 65% from 20% to 85% (Average)

2.Successfully complete and publish the book – "Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 Cookbook"

3.Writing a English tech blog for more than 2 years, now the blog contains more than 180 article entries:

4.Entitled as a "Blog Star" for writing a Chinese tech blog:

5.As a Microsoft Toastemaster member since April 2010, I won one time Best Table Topics, one time Best Speaker, two times Best Humor, one time Best evaluator.

6.Microsoft MCTS

7. Help team recurit engineer.

8. Review MVP candidates


Microsoft Online Tech Support Engineer(CSS)

2008 August - Present


HeiLongJiang University(黑龙江大学) – B.A Computer Science


More Info

"Andrew Zhu has 6 years' experience of software development and information technology. 3 years in Java, 3 years in .NET/C#. During these years, he designed and developed applications included computer language complier, SQL interpreter; Library book management application. Online sale application base on JSF/Java; SharePoint OA application. 2.5 years ago he joined Microsoft, since then, he was helping developers solving IIS and BizTalk problems, developing .NET/Workflow/ASP.NET applications for his customers. Now, he is a technology support engineer working for Microsoft (Microsoft Globe Tech Support Center), Shanghai. He starts supporting WF4 since its beta1 version."

In my spare time, I enjoy reading and playing music instruments, such as guitar, harmonica and violin. I also like playing Table Football.



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