[Remarks]Microsoft Need a Change

Rumors said that Windows 8 is a compromise result of PC and Panel team, no wander, the DP version looks weird. Microsoft had a chance to rebuild its phone system. It is now called Windows Phone 7. But, it is not a successful product. Now, this time, Microsoft wants to build its new windows base on Windows 7.

However, all looks not good. What is the problem, if I were the CEO, What I am going to do? CEO must know how Windows works; CEO must have a full power control over all of the people from different team. Make a decision.

Now, selling data tells Windows Phone7 failed without doubt, Now, Windows 8 is another joke. MS need to make a change. So, Change what!?

1. Find a better CEO

Microsoft may no longer a technical and Innovation company, managers earns more than engineers. That is totally not right. Managers should serve for engineers. Especially, Sales manager are weight more than engineers. That is not right too. In a software company, software engineers are the core, are the most important people. They are class No.1 If Windows 8 don't buys. Salesman will have nothing to sale.

The first and most import thing, MS need to change Is that Steve/Gates should start looking for an ambitious engineer. Who not only understand how computer works, and also Law, business, sale, and fashion, yes , fashion. His/her own fashion. And this person get to have passion and ambitious. I will say, a man like Putin. Oh, for god's sake, don't find an Obama like person to be the CEO.

2. Only Hire Genius

According to the Parkinson law, in a normal condition, people number in a large company will grow up, but without the business expansion. And people will create work for each other. That is why large company always has lots of meetings. That is a waste of time and money and passion. Company will only grow up by doing and creating but not meetings.

The solution is more control from the above, and more specified target and more happy work. To make it, Microsoft needs more genius, excellent people. In currently situation, due to the high man labor cost, Microsoft outsourced some less important business, for example: Customer Service, Project test etc. The most notorious sample is Windows Vista. As far as I know, Vista was test by Vendor company. I am not saying that all Vendor companies are bad, but people in vendor company are not happy, they do the same thing, but earn much less than a Full time Microsoft engineer. In the other side, since Vendor companies want to earn more, they will heir commonplace people and pay even less.

Excellent people will produce excellent software; commonplace people will make commonplace products.

My suggestion is only heir excellent people. And reduce positions, especially, manager position.

3. Innovation

Windows 8 is created as a Pad OS to compete with IPad. BUT, why, why Microsoft need to create a IPad No.2 products, and the time is also too late now. Actually, IPad/IPhone is not perfect. Microsoft can create more fun and exciting products.

Windows 7 is a big success in the PC world. As a Non-IT user, they reallyyy don't want to learn a new OS operation skill set. Base on Windows 7. Microsoft should have a chance to make a better Windows 7. cut off useless server service, process. Redesign the smooth scroll. Add rabbon features. And Support a smooth multi touch.

And add Pen support. Many people don't buy Ipad because Ipad don't have a usable pen.

Lenovo Tablets are great products, but x200t/x220t are toooo expensive. Microsoft ,if you can find a way to reduce the cost to, say, 300$, people will buy Microsoft tablet, and Microsoft will thrive again. Metro UI? People don't like it, and, Microsoft, please don't waste money and resource on it any more.


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