[Office365]Office365 will MAKE IT by doing the following 2 steps

Step No.1: Microsoft should buy or setup a Domain Name Registration Company.

With such a company, Microsoft can provide every Office365 customers a free domain name. Now the Office 365 setup process would be extremely simple:

1. Input a valid domain name
2. Pay it.

Ok, everything is done.
Domain verifying? Configuration? Exchange setting? Lync srv record setting? Forget it. Microsoft will take all of these boring things.

Step No.2: 1$/month/user

Currently, Microsoft provides 2 kinds service and several other pay options for customers. But wait, if you give customer too many options, they will be confused.
I am the owner of small company, I will think that what I should do if my company expend to 25+. ? this kind of questions and worrying will haunt customers away.
So, there are only one option,
Easy to remember and fair to everyone. And the most important thing is that don't leave customers too many options.

If the Office365 manager takes these actions, Microsoft will beat Google and all other competitor, and dominant the enterprise market.

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