Microsoft Shanghai No.1 ToasteMaster international contest

Toastormaster contest.

1. before start

2. Discussion before the contest.

3. People are happy

4. Still happy

5. Sharp, what are you thinking?

6.Our SAA, sherry Xiong

7.Before the table topic contest, nervous, nervous , nervous

8. Sarah, before the contest, nervous

9.Andrew, before the contest, nervous

10.Magon, before the contest, nervous

11.Alex, before the contest, seems not nervous at all.

12. Chuan Ye, what are looking for?

13. David, 1. No relation, 2.failure to Broaden, 3. Not an Attractor of Talent. Great points

14. Sarah is looking for the 藏羚羊。

15. Chen Hong, 我们的未来不是梦

16. The whole view

17. Chuan Ye, conquer, nervous, nervous, conquer it.

18. Chairman: Elvis

19. Tarry, Is he really ugly?

20. Sentence wall

21. Our timer, Lin Jin

22. Winners

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