[I_Say]Rethink on the Econ 101 management style

If you hope your man going to work, you need to give the hope/vision/future for them. No matter the future thing is a dream, a result, a praise or MONEY. In the developed countries, when people ran out from the hungry, they need the feeling of success and self-approval. While in the developing countries, what people really need is Money to pay the house rent and bread. Don't talk dream or future. To them, no money means no future.

In China, the situation is kind of a little more complex. A small part of developers are rich and many are poor, most of them are paid just enough to cover food and cloth and rent. When people run out of hungry, they need the feeling of security, when people reach to the security status; they purse social status (may want to show off something). As for software developers. Too many are struggle on running away from hungry and have a house and getting married. All of that needs $.

When DengXiaoPing reforming China social structure, what he called out is let people Rich, Country need developed, no more ideology. It may reflect the same thing in software development industry.

Note: "Econ 101 management" cited from book <more joel on software>

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