[I_Say]Reader need a tool

Update:Finally, I create myself a Feed Reader: http://azreader.net , everyone else can also register and use it.


I believe READ is a must for a reasonable person.

After google closed google reader,I was trying many similar tools to manage my rss links, however, all not easy to use. Finally, I tried outlook, not easy to use too. I can't tell how, but outlook wasn't designed as a rss reader. 

In my mind, a good rss reader should have the following features:

1. Keep my rss content online, so that I can read it any where, any time. 

2. I can search content.

3. Fast and stably.

So far, I found two tools are usable. One is bloglines


One is http://digg.com digg reader.

Digg is slighter better, and I am happy with it now J


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