[Debug]Find the Cause of Web Site Hang by Analyzing Dump File

1. Download Debugging Tools for Windows

Then, Install Debugging Tools

2.Conifgure Symbols

Without Symbols, dump file is just some meaningless and useless things. There are two choices to use the Symbols file: 1. download the whole symbol install files. 2. Download certain file when we use it. It is time consume to download a 300Mb file, so I choose the second option:
Open WinDbg, File->Symbol Search Path, next, fill the text box with:

3. Start a Test Web Site

Get a buggy web site here. We are going to use TinyGet to simulate some http request. TinyGet is one tool of IIS 6.0 Resource Kit Tools
TinyGet example:
    tinyget -srv:xhinker.com -uri:/default.aspx -h
-h means return http response head. if you want to output all reponse info, use -t

4. Get hang dump file

Start adplus, type the following command, but don't hit "enter" key
     adplus –hang –pn w3wp.exe –quiet
-quiet means you won't get any unnecessary popup boxes.
Start Tiny get, type the following command and hit enter.
     tinyget -srv:localhost -uri:/BuggyBits/FeaturedProducts.aspx -threads:30 -loop:50
switch to adplus script command window, hit enter. after several seconds you will find the hang web site's dump file in C:\Program Files\Debugging Tools for Windows (x86)\Hang_Mode__Date_09-26-2009__Time_14-03-45PM (It may diff in your computer).

5.Analyse the dump file

Start WinDbg, load the dump file just created(File->Open Crash Dump)

Load SOS(copy sos.dll from C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727 to C:\Program Files\Debugging Tools for Windows (x86) before running the following command)
    .load sos
(the following words are mainly come from http://blogs.msdn.com/tess/archive/2008/02/04/net-debugging-demos-lab-1-hang.aspx)
Examine the stacks
1. Examine the native callstacks
    ~* kb 2000
2. Examine the .net callstacks
    ~* e !clrstack
Troubleshoot the hang
1. Determine the ID of the thread owning the lock

Q: What thread owns the lock?
A:Thread 23 owns the lock
Q: How many threads are waiting for the lock?
Hint: MonitorHeld = 1 for each owner and 2 for each waiter.
A:(17-1)/2=8 threads are waiting for the lock.
2. Pick one of the waiters (Hint: waiters will sit in AwareLock::Enter) and take a look at what it is doing.
    ~5s                          (move to thread 5, replace 5 with actual thread ID)
    kb 2000                    (examine native stack)
    !clrstack                    (examine .net stack)
3. Determine what the owning thread is doing 
    ~5s                          (move to thread 5, replace 5 with actual thread ID)
    kb 2000                    (examine native stack)
    !clrstack                    (examine .net stack)

Q: Why is it blocking?
A:Thread.Sleep() makes the web site hanging there.
So, it is interesting, right?

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