[Log]Three man at table

There were three of us – Ryan, Alie, and myself. We were sitting in the restaurant, waiting our courses, boring, and talking about how bad we are – from both the work and daily trivial life point of view, you know – hard and painful life. We all feeling seedy except Alie, He bought... [More]

Microsoft Shanghai No.1 ToasteMaster international contest

Toastormaster contest. 1. before start 2. Discussion before the contest. 3. People are happy 4. Still happy 5. Sharp, what are you thinking? 6.Our SAA, sherry Xiong 7.Before the table topic contest, nervous, nervous , nervous 8. Sarah, before the contest, nervous 9.Andrew, b... [More]

[DailyLog]The Mesh Trouble

Today, when I demonstrate one of my program to my colleague,Error reported, it is really,really weired!. I just ran it last week and never touch it again, how can it break down? After a little nap,I rechecked the program, and found that one line of the code is commented! And I realized it is the Mes... [More]