Try out open live writer

It is great to know live writer is open sourced Hope it will also comes to Mac soon.

Test blog from windows live writer

  Paragraph test   Heading 1 text text text Heading 2 text text text Heading 3 text text text Heading 4 text text text Heading 5 text text text Heading 6 text text text Insert Code static public void Run() {     CultureInfo ci = new CultureInfo... [More]

[BlogEngine]Enable Nested Comments

5.3 - Nested Comments BlogEngine.NET version 1.5 introduced nested comments! This allows a visitor on the blog to leave a comment addressing another person's comment. There's only three requirements to have this functionality.1. The "Enable nested comments" checkbox on the Settings tab in the cont... [More]

[Temp]Files (1.43 mb) (2.55 mb) (4.63 mb) (1.47 mb) (1.53 mb) (2.79... [More]

Migrate to BlogEngine from dasblog

I have been blogging in dasblog(now its link is: for one and a half year. dasblog is fine,but dasblog is not good and fast enough. so few themes I can use. when I find BlogEngine. I decided try it out. after one Saturday night's fighting. I finally setup up Blo... [More]