[ASPNET4]Add a HttpHandler to ASPNET4 site(IIS7)

First, create a new .net4.0 Class Library project, add reference to System.Web.dll. then add a new class file to the project named say MyHttpHandler.cs: using System;using System.Web; namespace Xhinker.TableTopic {    public class MyHttpHandler:System.Web.IHttpHandler {  &n... [More]

[ASPNET4]Configuration for Styles/Site.css

When you created a ASPNET4 site use the default VS2010 template. then, you set the authorization as:     <authorization>      <deny users="?"/>    </authorization> Now, you may find that your default page disp... [More]

[ASP.NET]ASP.NET and physical path

In ASP.NET page, the following code: Directory.GetCurrentDirectory(); will return "c:\windows\system32\inetsrv" this means, if you writing file without specify a directory, this file will be writen to "c:\windows\system32\inetsrv". for example, in asp.net the following code will write a test.txt ... [More]

[ASP.NET MVC]Build ASP.NET MVC Project Upon Classic Web Form Project

1. Install MVC(System.Web.Mvc.dll)(http://www.asp.net/mvc/) MVC depend on System.Web.Abstraction.dll; System.Web.Mvc.dll; System.Web.Routing.dll. while System.Web.Abstraction and System.Web.Routing.dll are already installed with .Net Framework 3.5.we can find these 2 assemblies in GAC. 2. Create ... [More]

[ASP.NET] 如何不使用 Visual Studio 开发ASP.NET

引言 你可能已经用惯了使用VS 新建一个WebSite, VS 几乎为我们包揽了一切琐碎的东西,同时也掩盖了很多重要的东西。本文将通过一个很简单的例子来告诉你如何使用记事本去开发一个ASP.NET 页面。不使用VS来学习 ASP.NET 有两个好处: 1. 所有的代码都在你的控制之中,让你更清楚的明白你在做些什么。 2. 使用��事本开发能让你更明白ASP.NET 是如何工作的。   ASP.NET 编译模型 1. 动态编译(Dynamic Compilation) 动态编译 是说,在你写完asp.net 代码然后部署到IIS,当第一个用户请求(Http Reque... [More]