[ASP.NET]ASP.NET and physical path

In ASP.NET page, the following code: Directory.GetCurrentDirectory(); will return "c:\windows\system32\inetsrv" this means, if you writing file without specify a directory, this file will be writen to "c:\windows\system32\inetsrv". for example, in asp.net the following code will write a test.txt ... [More]

[WCF]What is new in WCF4 – configuration

Simplified Configuration, so many things are altered in WCF4, the most and debatable change is the new configuration. a. With WCF4, by default, we are no longer need to add attribute to contracts.Unless we want to setup RESTful services then we have to add a [WebGet] or [WebInvoker] attribute. b. *.... [More]

[WF4]Valuable WF4 learning materials(videos)

Here are some new WF4 learning materials:Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) Overview Wikihttp://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/windows-workflow-foundation-wf-overview-wiki.aspx Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) Screencasts:http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/netframework/wf-screencast... [More]

[WCF]Let configuration be configuration; Let programming be programming

Nowadays, programming is different than before. Programming is no long programming but configuration. Particularly, when we are using Managed code, c# /Java. Many codes are just configuration codes! That is not fun and boring and the code is hard to remember. let configuration be configuration, wri... [More]

[BlogEngine]Enable Nested Comments

5.3 - Nested Comments BlogEngine.NET version 1.5 introduced nested comments! This allows a visitor on the blog to leave a comment addressing another person's comment. There's only three requirements to have this functionality.1. The "Enable nested comments" checkbox on the Settings tab in the cont... [More]

[WF4]WF4 Developing Rules

1. Be a .NET developer, c# developer will be the best.2. WF4 workflow should be developed and used by developers. Noe-developers? Please leave WF4 away. 3. Use NativeActivity only;4. Host WF4 workflow in IIS7 as a WCF service;5. Don't use extension. Use Activity instead;6. Use WF4 designer provided ... [More]

[I_Say]Thinking, instead of following

 Let me ask you a question " If someone jumped off a bridge, would you follow him?"You may not, if somebody will , he may say, "it is my biggest step of my career". Now, another question: "if everybody jumped off a bridge, would you? "Actually, some people will really do this. Let's recall ... [More]

[WF4]Correlate Multiple Receive Activities

Consider such a workflow: There are two Receive activities. The first Receive activity will create a workflow instance. The second Receive activity functions as a bookmark activity. Imagine that there are two such workflow instances: A WCF request comes to call the second Receive activity. Which... [More]

[WF4]Using WF4 Customized Extension

Here is a simple WF4 extension:    public class SimpleExtension : IWorkflowInstanceExtension {         private WorkflowInstanceProxy instance;         public IEnumerable<object> GetAdditionalExtensions() { &nbs... [More]