[WF4]A sample of IActivityTemplateFactory

By default, in WF4, we have a ReceiveAndSendReply activity in Toolbox. But we cannot find such a ReceiveAndSendReply class in .net Reflector. So, where comes the ReceiveAndSendReply activity? yes, it is the magic feature of IActivityTemplateFactory. We can use this class as a composite activity wra... [More]

[VS]Enable Track Active Item in Solution Explorer

Do you want VS2010 Solution Explorer update its selected item base on the active open item. This feature is extremely useful when there are many opened code files in VS2010. We select a document and Solution Explorer will update the selected item automatically. Option->Projects and Sol... [More]

[ASP.NET]How Long Will HTTPHandler Intance Be Pooled

If the IsReusable property is set to true. How long will the instance be pooled?     It is pooled for the life of the application pool. And, it seems we are not able the control the time span. public class HttpHandlerTest:System.Web.IHttpHandler {   &n... [More]

[Log]Three man at table

There were three of us – Ryan, Alie, and myself. We were sitting in the restaurant, waiting our courses, boring, and talking about how bad we are – from both the work and daily trivial life point of view, you know – hard and painful life. We all feeling seedy except Alie, He bought... [More]

[WF4]Extracts of Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 Cookbook

Packt told me that they made some part of the book public. Chapter "Introduction" https://www.packtpub.com/article/working-microsoft-windows-workflow-foundation-40-wf-program Chapter "Hosting WF4 Application" https://www.packtpub.com/article/hosting-workflow-applications-microsoft-windows-work... [More]

Microsoft Shanghai No.1 ToasteMaster international contest

Toastormaster contest. 1. before start 2. Discussion before the contest. 3. People are happy 4. Still happy 5. Sharp, what are you thinking? 6.Our SAA, sherry Xiong 7.Before the table topic contest, nervous, nervous , nervous 8. Sarah, before the contest, nervous 9.Andrew, b... [More]

[DotNet].NET and C# fundamentals

1. Why and when to use Inheritance.     a. As a class user, we can create a new class inherited from parent's class. When we use an IDE such as Visual Studio, IDE will auto complete some code for us. - Relationship    b. As a class user, we can reuse other's already de... [More]