[Windows]Disable Hibernate to save c driver space

Run Command Prompt as administrator. To disable hibernate, input: powercfg.exe /hibernate off To enable hibernate, input: powercfg.exe /hibernate on

[Windows]Test my SSD speed with tool from Windows

It is no need to use any 3rd party tools to test disk speed. Start Windows Console as Administrator Input command: winsat disk –drive c Get result: 1. Thinkpad X1 carbon 2014 2. Surface Pro 3 SP3 outscored!

[I_Say]Reader need a tool

Update:Finally, I create myself a Feed Reader: http://azreader.net , everyone else can also register and use it. ----------------------- I believe READ is a must for a reasonable person. After google closed google reader,I was trying many similar tools to manage my rss links, however, all not easy... [More]

[Azure]Where to find Azure Web Sites FTP UserName and Password?

In the right side of Dashboard, click Download the publish profile. Open it with notepad and you can format it with my xml formatter J : http://xhinker.com/MyApps/XMLFormator.aspx . Then you see your Azure Web Site username and password: Thanks belong to http://weblogs.asp.net/bleroy/azure-web-sit... [More]