[I_Say]Reader need a tool

Update:Finally, I create myself a Feed Reader: http://azreader.net , everyone else can also register and use it. ----------------------- I believe READ is a must for a reasonable person. After google closed google reader,I was trying many similar tools to manage my rss links, however, all not easy... [More]

[Azure]Where to find Azure Web Sites FTP UserName and Password?

In the right side of Dashboard, click Download the publish profile. Open it with notepad and you can format it with my xml formatter J : http://xhinker.com/MyApps/XMLFormator.aspx . Then you see your Azure Web Site username and password: Thanks belong to http://weblogs.asp.net/bleroy/azure-web-sit... [More]

[I_Say]Simplify the Prize Strategy

2 Years ago I suggest simplify the Office 365 pricing strategy. http://xhinker.com/post/Office365Office365-will-MAKE-IT-by-doing-the-following-2-steps.aspx Now, the prize option for Azure is still dazzled. And confused. Again Azure provide a complex prizing option list. It is sooo not easy ... [More]

[I_Say]Ultimate 42 Job

Every Job position is an ultimate job position. Employee will bust out the most creativity and energy when they like it, when they feel happy with it. If a job position is designed as a stepping stone for a better position, then it is a bad job. If a job position is simply menually repeating work,... [More]

[I_Say]Tech Makes Life better

I believe one of the reasons that Bill Gates fade away from tech world is that he was suddenly enlightened: Computer Tech cannot save the world. The computer technology won't solve his ultimate problem. But, behold, doesn't technology make the world better? 1. Tech ensures that government has th... [More]

[Azure]Build a VM with SQL Server in Windows Azure

It is amazing that Windows Azure becomes more and more powerful and easy to use. Today I want to list the steps to create a VM in SQL Server in Windows Azure. Because there are some tricky things there and document didn't state it out clear enough.   1. Create a Virtual Machine.   It... [More]

[I_Say]Rethink on the Econ 101 management style

If you hope your man going to work, you need to give the hope/vision/future for them. No matter the future thing is a dream, a result, a praise or MONEY. In the developed countries, when people ran out from the hungry, they need the feeling of success and self-approval. While in the developing cou... [More]

[Windows]User Xperf to identify performance issue

1. Start to record performance log Open cmd as administrator and then input     Xperf –on DiagEasy      The flag DiagEasy will output most information, as the result, the trace file will relative large. Now Xperf will start record system internal log, to stop it and output is into a .etl file ... [More]