产品推广,不要直接说自己的东西好,而是评论与之相关的事情。比如推广一部电影,不要去花钱打广告。而是要引起人们去(或者花钱买)写影评,然后(花钱)在各大媒体上发布这些影评。 让人们谈论并记住 并且去购买,推广的唯一目的。 隐形的广告市场即将到来。 直接买文章,假的痕迹很明显。不易有推广的效果。 更好的方式是采集大范围的文章,然后重点推荐有宣传效果的文章。比如Windows 10新版本要出来了。不要花钱去买广告位,而是让更多的人去写Win 10 的文章。 关注的人多了,就会成功。 任何产品的第一印象很重要,第一印象坏了,之后想扳回就太不容易了。

[DotNet] Class or Struct

To be frank, with powerful server and cpu and SSD discs, I don’t use struct much. however, it is still necessary to understand the difference between them. I think the most difference point is that Class is reference type and struct is value type. class is called by reference, which means changes ... [More]

[DotNet]How to name namespaces in c#

Namespaces are used to organize types into a logical and easy to explore hierarchy and avoid confliction for different types. General rule for naming namespace is <Company>.(<Product>|<Technology>)[.<Feature>][.<Subnamespace>] for example: Microsoft.Visual... [More]

Test blog from windows live writer

  Paragraph test   Heading 1 text text text Heading 2 text text text Heading 3 text text text Heading 4 text text text Heading 5 text text text Heading 6 text text text Insert Code static public void Run() {     CultureInfo ci = new CultureInfo... [More]

读红楼梦感悟 “认识”

"看一个人要看你站在什么立场上去看,角度不同,结论也不一样。站在这边看看是个坏蛋,站在那边看看,也许又是个大大的好人。" 你说这世上有没有绝对的好人,有没有绝对的坏人? 有没有干净的人,有没有污秽的人? 就拿 贾宝玉说,虽是一正面人物,却也有调戏丫鬟,做些偷鸡摸狗的事出来。也害了些人,但总体上也没怎么害人。 假如我们换一个角度看,从一个下层劳苦人民的角度看,贾宝玉,不劳动不生产,每日只会游手好闲,无所事事,虽无大恶,却也是个万恶的富家子弟。 我们再从曹雪芹的角度看,贾宝玉却是个罕见的有着率真性情的人,厌恶仕途经济,厌恶说教,厌恶男人的肮脏情欲。这么一个让人觉得可亲可敬,... [More]


今天在StackOverflow 上看了 一篇讨论页面加载顺序的文章 http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1795438/load-and-execution-sequence-of-a-web-page 1. html 页面元素下载到本地(还没有解析) 2. 浏览器的html 解析器开始解析页面,如果是外置资源则顺序加载并解析(参考下面的例子) 鉴于解析器是完全顺序并单线程执行的,所以页面里内置的 javascript 代码最好写在html 元素的后面而不是头部。 原文里有个例子可作为常考。 <html> <he... [More]

Using Entity Framework 6.x in a Real Project

Prepare the Environment 1. Visual Studio 2013 is the best choice. When you installed VS2013, you almost get everything set. For example: Sql server express, .net 4.5, tools, nuget etc. 2. Entity Framework Power Tool: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40762 The Pain Point ... [More]

[I_Say]Reader need a tool

Update:Finally, I create myself a Feed Reader: http://azreader.net , everyone else can also register and use it. ----------------------- I believe READ is a must for a reasonable person. After google closed google reader,I was trying many similar tools to manage my rss links, however, all not easy... [More]

[Azure]Where to find Azure Web Sites FTP UserName and Password?

In the right side of Dashboard, click Download the publish profile. Open it with notepad and you can format it with my xml formatter J : http://xhinker.com/MyApps/XMLFormator.aspx . Then you see your Azure Web Site username and password: Thanks belong to http://weblogs.asp.net/bleroy/azure-web-sit... [More]