产品推广,不要直接说自己的东西好,而是评论与之相关的事情。比如推广一部电影,不要去花钱打广告。而是要引起人们去(或者花钱买)写影评,然后(花钱)在各大媒体上发布这些影评。 让人们谈论并记住 并且去购买,推广的唯一目的。 隐形的广告市场即将到来。 直接买文章,假的痕迹很明显。不易有推广的效果。 更好的方式是采集大范围的文章,然后重点推荐有宣传效果的文章。比如Windows 10新版本要出来了。不要花钱去买广告位,而是让更多的人去写Win 10 的文章。 关注的人多了,就会成功。 任何产品的第一印象很重要,第一印象坏了,之后想扳回就太不容易了。

[DotNet] Class or Struct

To be frank, with powerful server and cpu and SSD discs, I don’t use struct much. however, it is still necessary to understand the difference between them. I think the most difference point is that Class is reference type and struct is value type. class is called by reference, which means changes ... [More]

[DotNet]How to name namespaces in c#

Namespaces are used to organize types into a logical and easy to explore hierarchy and avoid confliction for different types. General rule for naming namespace is <Company>.(<Product>|<Technology>)[.<Feature>][.<Subnamespace>] for example: Microsoft.Visual... [More]

Test blog from windows live writer

  Paragraph test   Heading 1 text text text Heading 2 text text text Heading 3 text text text Heading 4 text text text Heading 5 text text text Heading 6 text text text Insert Code static public void Run() {     CultureInfo ci = new CultureInfo... [More]