[I_Say]Simplify the Prize Strategy

2 Years ago I suggest simplify the Office 365 pricing strategy. http://xhinker.com/post/Office365Office365-will-MAKE-IT-by-doing-the-following-2-steps.aspx Now, the prize option for Azure is still dazzled. And confused. Again Azure provide a complex prizing option list. It is sooo not easy ... [More]

[I_Say]Ultimate 42 Job

Every Job position is an ultimate job position. Employee will bust out the most creativity and energy when they like it, when they feel happy with it. If a job position is designed as a stepping stone for a better position, then it is a bad job. If a job position is simply menually repeating work,... [More]

[I_Say]Tech Makes Life better

I believe one of the reasons that Bill Gates fade away from tech world is that he was suddenly enlightened: Computer Tech cannot save the world. The computer technology won't solve his ultimate problem. But, behold, doesn't technology make the world better? 1. Tech ensures that government has th... [More]