[Azure]Build a VM with SQL Server in Windows Azure

It is amazing that Windows Azure becomes more and more powerful and easy to use. Today I want to list the steps to create a VM in SQL Server in Windows Azure. Because there are some tricky things there and document didn't state it out clear enough.   1. Create a Virtual Machine.   It... [More]

[I_Say]Rethink on the Econ 101 management style

If you hope your man going to work, you need to give the hope/vision/future for them. No matter the future thing is a dream, a result, a praise or MONEY. In the developed countries, when people ran out from the hungry, they need the feeling of success and self-approval. While in the developing cou... [More]

[Windows]User Xperf to identify performance issue

1. Start to record performance log Open cmd as administrator and then input     Xperf –on DiagEasy      The flag DiagEasy will output most information, as the result, the trace file will relative large. Now Xperf will start record system internal log, to stop it and output is into a .etl file ... [More]

[VS2012]VS2012 stop working and walk round

When debug a ASP.NET Site, which is host in IIS, from Visual Studio 2012, VS stop working like this. "Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 has stopped working" Exception info: "System.AccessViolationException" A work round to solve this problem. Go to IIS and open the advance setting of related App... [More]

[Windows]Clean windows, free up disc

It is the last day of Chinese New Year holiday. I cleaned my Working machine and free up almost 20g space, (120g ssd total). There are two simple ways to clean c driver. 1. disable hibernation and limit virtual memory 2. User WinDirStat to detect and view which file or folder occupy your disc, ... [More]