[Windows Phone]Application Bar

1. Xaml Code inside root Grid element  <phone:PhoneApplicationPage.ApplicationBar>      <shell:ApplicationBar IsVisible="True" IsMenuEnabled="True"                  &nb... [More]

[WPF][Update]Use Dispatcher

1. When do we use Dispatcher? For example, if we create a new thread that will deal some time cost stuff. After the thread finish its work, we want to update the WPF UI. Then, it is time to use Dispatcher.      Dispatcher.Invoke(new Action(MethodName), null); If ... [More]

[.NET]Read RSS by C#

I searched around the net for a C# rss reader, but samples are either too complicated or errors prone. DataSet.ReadXml() gets a bug...So, finnaly I realized that write one of my own rss reader would be a quick and better than use one from the internet. And I think this one is the BEST:)No more words... [More]

[WIndows Phone7]List pictures in ListBox

1. Add reference to Microsoft.Xna.Framework dll . 2. Replace Grid xaml code with the following code:  <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot">     <!--ContentPanel - place additional content here-->     <Grid x:Name="ContentP... [More]

[Windows Phone 7.5]Run BackGround Task

Run back ground task in windows phone 7.5, First. Create a Windows Phone Scheduled Task Agent project, name it for example: "BackGroundAgent". Open the default created ScheduledAgent.cs file. Write agent code in OnInvoke method:  protected override void OnInvoke(ScheduledTask&n... [More]

[Windows Phone]Timer

Timer code runs in WP7: timer = new DispatcherTimer(); timer.Interval = new TimeSpan(0, 0, 1);//or TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1) timer.Tick += (sender,e) => {     count++;     txtTimer.Text = count... [More]