[BlogEngine]Enable Nested Comments

5.3 - Nested Comments BlogEngine.NET version 1.5 introduced nested comments! This allows a visitor on the blog to leave a comment addressing another person's comment. There's only three requirements to have this functionality.1. The "Enable nested comments" checkbox on the Settings tab in the cont... [More]

[WF4]WF4 Developing Rules

1. Be a .NET developer, c# developer will be the best.2. WF4 workflow should be developed and used by developers. Noe-developers? Please leave WF4 away. 3. Use NativeActivity only;4. Host WF4 workflow in IIS7 as a WCF service;5. Don't use extension. Use Activity instead;6. Use WF4 designer provided ... [More]

[I_Say]Thinking, instead of following

 Let me ask you a question " If someone jumped off a bridge, would you follow him?"You may not, if somebody will , he may say, "it is my biggest step of my career". Now, another question: "if everybody jumped off a bridge, would you? "Actually, some people will really do this. Let's recall ... [More]

[WF4]Correlate Multiple Receive Activities

Consider such a workflow: There are two Receive activities. The first Receive activity will create a workflow instance. The second Receive activity functions as a bookmark activity. Imagine that there are two such workflow instances: A WCF request comes to call the second Receive activity. Which... [More]

[WF4]Using WF4 Customized Extension

Here is a simple WF4 extension:    public class SimpleExtension : IWorkflowInstanceExtension {         private WorkflowInstanceProxy instance;         public IEnumerable<object> GetAdditionalExtensions() { &nbs... [More]

[SharePoint 2010]SP2010 First Error – File Not Found

Ok, it is my first time to create a SP2010 site. Top site collection URL: http://localhost:18600/ (http://andrewnb:18600/)New Site I created: http://localhost:18600/TeamSite2/ (http://andrwnb:18600/TeamSite2/) I navigate to TeamSite2. And click Site Actions-> Site Settings And, oh SXXT : Er... [More]

[Math]A Vector Tutorial

Three days, every afternoon, my right brain is suffering pain, I don't know why, may be too tired? I am not sure. I really hope the pain go away ASAP. To learn to create a usable WF4 designer, I decide to have a good look at WPF. So, I pick up some WPF books, and I come across some math problems. I ... [More]

[WPF]WPF Architecture

(From book "Illustrated WPF") (From http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms750441.aspx) Note: milcore is native code. not managed .net code.Custom A WPF Control(From "Programming WPF,2nd") Inheritance Hierarchy System..::.Object  System.Windows.Threading..::.DispatcherObject&... [More]