[WF4]Promote persistence Data

By promoting data,we can query sql persistence store directly: 1. My persistence participant:     public class MyPersistenceParticipant : PersistenceParticipant {         public string message;         static XN... [More]

[WF4]Xml persistence store

Many people want to store WF4 persistence data in xml file rather than in Sql Server(express). So I extract the xml persistence store code from the sample "PurchaseProcess".XmlWorkflowInstanceStore.zip (4.72 kb)Before using this xml persistence store, you need to set up the data folder in App.config... [More]

[DotNet]DotNet Asynchronous Programming Pattern

Delegate BeginInvoke and EndInvoke methods are the fundatmental of c# asynchronous programming. here is a example:     public class AsyncResultPatternIntroduction {         delegate void WorkerThreadHandler();       &... [More]

[DailyLog]The Mesh Trouble

Today, when I demonstrate one of my program to my colleague,Error reported, it is really,really weired!. I just ran it last week and never touch it again, how can it break down? After a little nap,I rechecked the program, and found that one line of the code is commented! And I realized it is the Mes... [More]


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