[BizTalk]Microsoft BizTalk Server Futures and Roadmap

My Remarks:I found this video in the pdc 09 site. this video demonstrated some interesting BizTalk 2010 and WF4 features. so I store it here to avoid forget the URL, and also share with you. You are currently watching the High Quality WMV (960x540) video. click to watch the WMV (64... [More]

Several Pictures

1. After work, on my way home. 2. The speed of China high speed rail 3. My Cat 4. Cat is playing 5. Cat is sleeping on the balcony  

[WF4] WF4 Videos

endpoint.tv - Workflow and Custom Activities - Best Practices (Part 1) endpoint.tv - Workflow and Custom Activities - Best Practices (Part 2)   endpoint.tv - Workflow and Custom Activities - Best Practices (Part 3) endpoint.tv - Workflow Services with Dav... [More]

[WF4]Authoring WF4 using imperative code(II)

Half a year ago, I demonstrated authoring workflow using imperative code . Today I want to talk some further more about authoring WF4 workflow using imperative code. The main focus of this article are two classes: Activity and DynamicActivity. Activity We can create a Sequence activity dynami... [More]

Migrate to BlogEngine from dasblog

I have been blogging in dasblog(now its link is:http://xhinker.com/dasblogDefault.aspx) for one and a half year. dasblog is fine,but dasblog is not good and fast enough. so few themes I can use. when I find BlogEngine. I decided try it out. after one Saturday night's fighting. I finally setup up Blo... [More]

[WF4]How to add a generic List Type Variable

Here is the problem: I have a Person Class: And, I want to add a List<Person> type WF4 Variable peope to sequence, just like this: Solution: Step 1.Select Browse for types... in the Variable type list. Step 2. Step 3. Navigate to Person class and select it.