[WF4]Use TransactionScope Activity In Code

Create a database in SQL Server(SQL Server Express), create a table with the following sql statement: Workflow: InsertDataToDBActivity: Host: Result: Check the database, we would find nothing written to database, because there is an exception in TransactionScope Activity. Database ... [More]

[WF4]Confirm And Compensation Activity

Scenario 1: You should find that the confirmation handler execution is inverse. Scenario 2: You should find that "token" is only related with compensable handler2 Scenario 3(append a compensate activity to the workflow):

[WF4]Use CancellationScope Activity

As we know that parallel will not finish execution until all its child branches finished. Sometimes, we want to break the parallel if one of its branch finished execution and cancel other branches. To do this, we can use CancellationScope activity. In this sample, we want to order products from two ... [More]